University of Helsinki

Research, teaching and public engagement: the mission of the University of Helsinki is to produce research-based knowledge for the benefit of the whole world. Get to know us and join us in creating a better tomorrow!

About the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is Finland’s largest and oldest academic institution. Since 1640, it has contributed to the establishment of a fair and equal society that is considered the best in the world according to a number of indicators. Today, this multidisciplinary academic community solves problems that concern all of us, also on the global scale. A community of 40,000 students and employees is diversely open, comprehensively quality conscious and joyfully serious. Internationalisation means many things for us. Together we create solutions that will shape the future of our planet and all of humanity.

Open positions

Find all the open positions at the University of Helsinki – teaching, research, leadership and a variety of admin positions.

University of Helsinki success and visions for the future

The University of Helsinki is an influential force both in Finland and globally, whose interests are overseen by the rector, chancellor and the University management. Our strategic plan emphasises fresh thinking, the students’ role and a creative research environment. We are solving global problems in collaboration with both established and new partners.

Get in touch

The University of Helsinki actively engages with the wider society. Journalists can contact the University’s media services by phone and make use of its lists of experts. Think Corner and other destinations offer topical discussions and scientific experiences, while the Archives and Registry unit provides services related to documents.