For the world

The University of Helsinki is a unique hub of science and thinking. As a multidisciplinary university, it seeks solutions to problems that involve each and every one of us.


The only way to secure a future for our planet is to mitigate climate change. To do so, we need research-based knowledge about what is happening on the ground, in the atmosphere and throughout our ecosystem.

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By donating to science, you are helping the University of Helsinki to build more sustainable future through education and research. The aim of the University’s new fundraising campaign For the World is to promote trailblazing research and inspire studies particularly related to the following themes: the climate and air quality; the mechanisms of cancer; future learning; and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. Join us!

For our supporters

Thank you, donors, alumni and partners! More than 2000 donors have joined the University of Helsinki’s fundraising campaign with gifts totalling over € 52 million. Your donations are used to promote high-standard research in groundbreaking fields, support talented researchers and students as well as to boost our teaching.

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Thank you, friends of research and studies! Get to know our supporters and the members of the Club Giraffe. Donating is just one way to help build Finland and the world of tomorrow. You can spread information, participate in our events, challenge your friends to join and show everyone that you support the University! Read the stories of the donors as well as their ideas about the impact of donated funds.