Open education and opportunities in lifelong learning

In addition to studies leading to a degree, the University of Helsinki offers a wide range of education available to all and opportunities for independent learning. By utilising our diverse offerings, you can further your education, advance your professional skills or simply study things of interest to you. Opportunities in lifelong learning are available in the form of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, Open University courses and continuing education, as well as in a number of open science events held at Think Corner and the University's campuses.

University education for all

University studies and instruction are available in varying forms and targeted at a broad range of groups. For upper secondary school pupils, the University organises introductory courses, while science education is made available for people of all ages, in addition to which the Studia General lectures are a public attraction. In summertime the Helsinki Summer School offers international courses, while the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ provides commercial education that meets the needs of employers around the year. At the Open University, anyone can complete courses and study modules that are in accordance with the University’s requirements. At Think Corner, doors and minds are open to everyone.